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  • At Mamas of Zanzibar our products are hand made with alot of love and care. 


    The Virgin Coconut oil is a very special product to us because we use this product everyday. Our 100ml bottle of Mamas Coconut Oil is perfect for those who want to experience the traditional beauty secrets of Zanzibar.


    It is a beautiful all-natural product that is carefully handcrafted with love and care. You can also come visit us and learn how to make your own Virgin Coconut Oil and support the locals Mamas at the same time.

    This is  our cure all oil, and I hope it can be in great use to you too. 


    Here are a few benifits of using coconut oil, perfect moisturizer, can act as a cleanser, natural makeup remover, perfect lip balm, and deep conditioner.



    Pre - order and only available at Mamas Headquator. 

    Mamas Coconut Oil

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