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Mamas Tamu Experience


2 hours


Tamu is a Swahili word translating to Delicious.

Welcome and Mamas Tamu Cooking Experience.

This is a shorter experience. Approximately in between 3hrs.

This experience is an ideal one for those who wish to combine their trip with other excursion during the day.

Our rate is $45 per person, $19 per child from the age of 11yrs to 4yrs, and for children of 4yrs and below they can come FOC.

We shall welcome you with some Zanzibar Coffee and we will start by learning how to make cook straight away after being dress in Zanzibar attire. The experience starts at Meli Nane - Ngalawa Road at the time of your liking.

This rate include;

- 1x bottle water per person paying

- Zanzibari Kahawa & Snacks included

- Cooking 3x Tamu 'Delicious' Zanzibari dishes

- and an unforgettable Zanzibar community experience

+1 Gift Bag per booking

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