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Karibuni Sana!

You are all very welcomed!

We are a group of Zanzibari women passionate about promoting the Culture of Zanzibar in an ecotourism and sustainable manner.

We have designed our experiences to benefits to the local community directly, and with the comfort to our visitors. We understand that sharing a meal is more than just dining. It’s an opportunity to connect with others, to learn about different cultures and traditions, and to enjoy good food and company.

We love to engage our guests, to share stories, and to encourage them to get involved in this immersive and engaging food experience.

From our authentic cooking classes to our immersive cultural experiences, we strive to give visitors a true taste of Zanzibar while preserving its unique beauty and culture for generations to come. 

The Zanzibar Experience

"Zanzibars most authentic experiences"

Choose your Zanzibari Experience


The Zanzibar Experience

Signature Experience

Explore the journey into the heart of Zanzibari culture.

Our 4hrs signature experience includes a guided tour to the local market dressed in Zanzibari attire, cooking lessons where the Mamas will teach you Swahili cooking techniques and give you a chance to taste up to 9+ delicious Zanzibari traditional dishes.


This experience fully immerses you in the daily community lifestyle. In addition we provide complimentary spiced coffee and homemade snacks prepared by the mamas themselves.

As a token of our appreciation this package allows you to walk home with a Zanzibari gift bag to remember Zanzibar and Mamas by at home. 

Tue - Fri


Choose your 

preferred Cooking Classes

Explore the different cooking experience, some are shorter then others with different price ranges. Explore which experience best fits your schedule and budget, we wanted to make sure there is something for everyone. 


Mamas Lunch Experience

Cooking is not for everyone. Do you agree? The Mamas Lunch experience offers a guided tour to the market to experience Zanzibar through the local eyes. Once back you will enjoy a ready to eat swahili delicious meal made by the local Mamas. This is a shorter experience but allows you to see Zanzibar and also tastes the most traditional Zanzibari food made by the locals.

Sat, Sun, Mon

Crafty Experiences


Make your Souvenir!

The Zanzibari people are well known for their talented hand works. From hand craving the beautiful Zanzibari Doors to making the iconic Dhows, to henna waiting, coconut oil making and weaving. At Mamas we have put up some classes for those who want to learn or to take home a hand make gift. Welcome learn something new as you also give back to the community.






Call/ WhatsApp Tel:

+255 62 770 0288




Mamas Office

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 15:00


Ngalawa Hotel Road

At the First Pump


Meli Nane, Bububu

Zanzibar, Tanzania


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