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Meet the Mamas of Zanzibar


Zanzibari Most Authentic Cultural & Culinary Experience


Mamas of Zanzibar is an initiative started by a single mother; Maskat.  With the pure intentions to empower, motivate and support other Zanzibari women in the community. 

There are a variety of experiences we have designed allow you to learn more about the people, culture, food and community lifestyle of the Zanzibari people.  After understanding the lack of connection between the travellers and the local people of Zanzibar, these experiences will give travellers a unique and fun experience that will make ones holiday meaningful and educational. 


Mamas of Zanzibar focuses on providing authentic, fun, cultural and culinary activity. It will will open the travellers eyes to the real community lifestyle of the Spice Island; the colourful, joyful, and tasteful side of Zanzibar that travellers don't normally get in contact with. 


The mission of Mamas of Zanzibar is to support and uplift local women by providing opportunities to showcase the traditional culinary and cultural of Zanzibar. Through our work, we aim to promote sustainable tourism and create economic opportunities for the women of Zanzibar. 

Your booking will be providing the basic everyday needs of the Mamas and their extended families. Each Mamas has a story and with this initiative you will be empowering them to reach their personal goals and dreams.


We have different packages designed for you. The Original Mamas of Zanzibar Experience & Zawadi yako experience starts from 09:00hrs - 13:00hrs. 

We welcome you to join us in celebrating the vibrant culture and culinary of Zanzibar.


Mamas of Zanzibar is the bridge that connects the visitors of Zanzibar to the local people and their community lifestyle. 

Ask us anything :) 

Bububu, Zanzibar

Tel: +255 62 770 0288

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